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Company Profile

Martin Appélt is a Haute Couture fashion brand, that incorporated the use of eco conscious, sustainable materials in its DNA. The young fashion house creates unique looks by melting pop-culture influences with divine tailoring. Each look enhances the silhouette of the body, which creates a bold and empowered look. Tension develops by deconstructing classic shapes, which get infused with lasciviousness. Martin Appélt explains the fusion of the different design approaches by the contrary influences in his upbringing.

He grew up in Germany, where he learned the classic concepts of Haute Couture from his grandmother, who worked as a seamstress. The opulence and the appreciation for dramatic and extroverted fashion came from the american pop-culture through tv shows such as The Nanny, which is to this day one of his biggest inspirations.  


„I don‘t want to take myself too serious, humor is the most important thing, that‘s why I combine class with trash“  His bold designs ask for a confident customer, who enjoys to be in the center of attention. Each collection reflects on a personal topic, which resonates with the designer at the moment of the design process. „Designing is like a therapy„  That makes each collection very personal and unique.  


The interest for the origin of pop-culture brought him to a work & travel year in america after he graduated high school.  The desire to become a part of the fashion and entertainment industry to create over the top looks, manifested into starting to study fashion design back in Germany. The collections realized while his studies, already got media attention and exercised the topic of sustainability. His graduate AW/19 collection „MACHO“ got invited to be a part of the Paris Fashion Week, which led to his followup SS/20 collection „GOLDDIGGER“ shown at Milan Fashion Week. The 26 year old designer enjoys using different materials as base for his bold prints, to be able to use leather as well, he researched for a sustainable alternative, which was found in the form of Vegatex TM a apple-skin based leatherette. This way his collections aren‘t only vegan but also sustainable.


The unique fabrics combined with bold new print ideas and experimental shapes, create collections that guarantee to stand out at every occasion. 

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