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Graduate Collection:

MACHO  AW19/20

Designer - Martin Appelt

Model - David Thomas       , Sabeena Awan       , Phillip Winkels        , Lena Ludes

Photographer - Gregor Kaluza

Camera & Editing - Malte von der Heiden 

Location - Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf (EXIT19)

The MACHO Editorial Shooting got published by Ellements Magazine as part of its March Issue.


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„MACHO“ reflects on shifting gender role expectations and plays with old stereotypes to emphasis the change our society has accomplished. I want to show, that today each sex is able to incorporate aspects, which used to be reserved for one particular sex, without endangering  his or hers gender identity.  The redefinition of how a Men and a Woman are supposed to be or act, is the key thesis of this collection. We as a society are no longer determined by stereotypical gender expectation, which dictate what a certain sex should and should not be or act like. Therefore I transported stereotypical objects, like pearls, ties and galluses into the opposite apparel, without taking the visual gender identity away from the correlate sex. Furthermore I manipulated the male and female silhouettes by using corsets and strong padding to exaggerate their body features. This design aspect is suppose to visualize the pressure our society still puts on the sexes to meet their common genderole expectations.  The choice of color supports the gender debate, baby blue and pink are still used as a uniform to show, rather a baby is boy or a girl. Using both colors for the menswear, helped the concept of equality, shown in my collection, to develop. MACHO shows the disparity between the sexes as well as the fact that each one holds an aspect of the opposite sex with in themselves. The menswear also works with prints of famous laundry detergents in prominent places to associate the Man with a product still almost exclusively advertised to women. Portraying a confident Men waring those labels, which are usually addressed to the opposite sex, helps to communicate a new mega trend the gender shift. 

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